Blacksmith Forge Tongs Design

Blacksmith Source is new. We are receiving new tongs in regularly and will be adding to the store selection. Please bare with us as we work to earn your trust and improve our new store and increase our selection of authentic blacksmith and metal working tools. 

 Working with hot metals can be dangerous. Blacksmith Forge Tongs designs are specific for many different forging situations. Pick the right tong for the job.

Blacksmith tongs get used in extreme conditions. These conditions can become unsafe with inferior or improperly maintained tools. These guidelines will help you pick the best tool for the task a7t hand and when used safely will ensure many years of service.

Reins are as important as the jaws. They apply the leverage allowing the jaws to grip the hot metal securely. They should fit your hand comfortable and be sturdy enough to allow you to control movement smoothly and not flex or twist in a way that can cause failure or the loss the ability to hold your work. 

Rivet joints should be secure and not loose but allow free movement of jaws. The rivet ends  should have ample material to prevent it from pulling through the joint hole. There should be enough material in the cross section to ensure that there isn't a failure or breakage during use. Misalignment of jaws may indicate there's a problem. Examine your tongs periodically for fatigue cracks, loose joints and misalignment. 

Large tongs are good for bigger work pieces, but can be cumbersome. The benefits of larger tongs are they can apply more gripping power. Allow comfortable positions for two handed control and manipulation. They flex less and add space between the radiating heat and your hands.  Draw backs are they are heavier and can create fatigue quicker.

Smaller tongs are more agile and handle small iron with ease. Short reins put your hand closer to the heat. Working material that is to large and the smaller tongs will not be able to exert enough force to safely hold the metal. Choose the right size tongs for the job.

   Safety and productivity benefits greatly most by using common sense. While trip to the doctor and time off of work will be more expensive than if you had purchased a full set of tools and used them properly every time.