Picard Quality Tools

We take pride in offering a diverse selection of top-quality tools, including renowned products from Picard in Germany. Our inventory encompasses a comprehensive range of Picard metalworking tools, specifically designed for blacksmithing, jewelry crafting, and automotive body repair. When it comes to blacksmithing, durability is paramount, as the forge reaches temperatures of up to 2000 degrees, and the repetitive blows of the hammer demand unwavering resilience. That's why we exclusively supply the best tools available. Picard has a proven track record of providing blacksmiths worldwide with superior-quality tools that withstand these extreme conditions. Their hammers, forged from C45 steel, boast tempered faces up to 3mm deep, complemented by sturdy hickory or other high-quality hardwood handles secured with reliable locks and wedges. For jewelers, our Picard hammers offer impeccable balance, precision-ground faces, and contoured designs. In the realm of automotive repair, our Picard bumping tools are second to none. Designed to tackle the intricate contours of vehicles, these tools feature precision-ground contact surfaces manufactured to the highest standards. As leaders in the industry, they provide the final finish with fewer efforts, saving valuable time and enhancing productivity. Even hobbyists can achieve professional results effortlessly. A flawless repair requires not only the skill of the specialist but also top-quality panel beating tools. Our PICARD tools meet the highest standards, surpassing competitors like Snap-On, MAC, Blue Point, Proto, and the old Fairmont tools in terms of quality and performance. Dollar for dollar, Picard consistently outperforms the competition. Experience precision, speed, and safety with our wide range of panel beating tools, including anvil blocks, inside prying and bumping spoons, and bumping hammers. Trust in PICARD tools to deliver exceptional craftsmanship every time.