Auto Body Planishing Bumping Hammer Double by Picard 2510602

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The head is made from c45 tool steel with a contoured cheek for the secure fitting of the stained Hickory handle. Weight is 450 grams-1 lbs, Face round smooth 27 mm and face square smooth 27 mm. 


  • Blue hammer effect enamel
  • Made from special alloyed steel
  • Carefully hardened & tempered
  • Head secured with ring wedge fixture
  • Dual curved hickory handle
  • Octagonal shaped for better grip
  • Slipping of hand is minimized by special grip
  • Smooth face
  • Larger extra thin
  • Handle Length 11.5"
  • Hammer weights 1 lbs or 450 grams
  • Face round smooth 27 mm
  • Face square smooth 27 mm

You're buying one of the best quality manufactured body hammer also categorized as a bumping tool for auto body work and dent repair. Made in Germany by Picard using the best manufacturing techniques in manufacturing today.