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Blacksmith Wolf Jaw Large 3.5" jaws Forge Tongs

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Wolf jaw tongs are one of the most universal pair of tongs made. They grip hot metal of many different shapes and sizes. Universal Wolf Jaw Tongs are one of the most versatile on the rack in any shop


The jaws are smooth and narrow on top with a V notch in the inside of the jaw running its length. The sides of the jaws have 3 different arches that allow multiple option for handling hot metal.

They are perfect for hard to reach areas and are quick to use in many situations from the forge to anvil.

Forge Tong Features

  • Stock Size: 5/8" Square or round diameter
  • OAL: 19" +/-
  • Jaw length: 3.5"
  • Throat: v grooved
  • Rein length: 15.5"
  • Medium Carbon Steel
  • Balls at the end of the rein for maximum control, safety and reliability.



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