Autobody Bumping Inside Prying & Surfacing Spoon 2521800 by Picard

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Do you know what stinks? When you need the right tool for the simple job to finish it professionally and you have to improvise with the wrong tool. It takes longer. The finish is substandard and the time spent to figure out a solution cost you more than having the right tools in your tool box in the first place.

You're buying a new bumping spoon made in Germany by Picard. Length 270mm weight 550 grams.

These new Picard Bumping tools have precision ground contact surfaces, manufactured to the highest quality standards. The tooling industry leader in automotive body tools today . When time is money the last tap from a Picard bumping tool will create the final finish needed with less work and more productivity. Even hobbyist can achieve professional results with less effort.

A perfect repair requires not only the skill of the specialist, but also a number of top quality, panel beating tools.

Panel beating tools must be made from quality materials, have the right forms and balance and surface treatments. PICARD tools are of the highest standard.

Compare Picard quality engineered tools to Snap on, MAC, Blue Point, Proto or the old Fairmont tools and Dollar for Dollar Picard out preforms the competition. Hands down every time.

With PICARD panel beating tools you can work precisely, fast and safely.

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