Blacksmith Rail Road Spike Forge Tongs 5/8" v bit jaw with ball end reins

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Your buying high quality Rail road spike or 5/8" v bolt tongs. The large throat areas is idea to clear the head of rail road spikes or other obstacles that could interfere with a good jaw grip. Jaws also incorporate a v-notch in the side to hold material for multiple working positions. 

Jaws are 3.5" and reins are 12" long with ball ends with and overall length of 15.5". Designed to hold round or square stock or octagonal stock commonly found in tool steel.

They are perfect for hard to reach areas and are quick to use in many situations from the forge to anvil.

Tongs have a smooth finish with a light bronze color packaged in a sealed bag. These are new from the high quality manufacturer an are forged from medium carbon steel.   

Tools are an investment. With Proper care  these can be handed down to the next generation or sold for a good return on the money. Made of strong and lightweight . High quality affordably priced.
  • Stock Size: 5/8" 
  • Jaw length: 3.5 inch
  • Tips close completely
  • First throat: 2" diamond shaped
  • Rein length: 12 inches

Balls at the end of the rein for maximum control, safety and reliability.