Anyang ST Power Hammer Maintenance

Anyang ST Power Hammer         

NOTE: Long life and safe operation of the power hammer starts with a good maintenance routine.
Routine inspection and maintenance will ensure top operating efficiency and prolong the services life of your new Anyang ST Power Hammer.
After then initial start up of your New Anyang ST Power Hammer pay attention that there isn't any noise that could indicate rubbing guard part or oil starvation in the mechanical system. There are no vibrations indicating out of balanced rotating parts. (note: This isn't normally a problem. All systems are checked by the factory and dealer prior to delivery. But long delays in owner installations or storage it is a good idea to pay attention.)
After Two weeks of operation inspect all operating parts of your new hammer. Make sure all bolts are securely tightened. look for loose or broken parts. Stop use if any broken part is found and investigate the cause immediately.