Anyang ST Power Hammer Trouble Shooting

Anyang ST Power Hammer         

Trouble Shooting
Symptom: The ram collides with the cylinder top cover on upstroke


  • The buffer ball valve is not seating correctly preventing the buffer from working correctly.
  • The Gasket sealing the top of the cylinder cover is leaking.
  • The hammer is being switched from light to heavy blow to quickly.

 Symptom: The ram is not rising high enough & insufficient bow energy.


    • The compressing pump piston holes are out of alignment resulting in insufficient supplemental air.
    • The piston rings are not sealing properly or are worn.(need replaced)
    • The ram guides are worn allowing excess air leakage. - Shim out or replace.
    • The packing on the stuffing box & pump piston are excessively worn & need replacing

      Symptom: The tool locating dovetails crack


          • Badly fitted taper keys
          • Hammering cold material or misuse
          • Insufficient radius causing stress raisers
          • Pallets to hard
          • Fitting a old key into a warm ram
          • Die alignment is out, or have been used excessively for offset forging.