Specification of Anyang ST Hammers

Anyang ST power hammer is a self-contained hammer with no need for extra compressor air supply, more solid casting frame integrated air channel, longer ram design than top die not to retract into the cylinder, all function realize through press pedal, more powerful and low noisy, world-famous electronic and easy to be maintained by users.

Anyang St Power Hammer Dies with Holes

Longer ram design prevents the top die from retracting into the cylinder. This allows time for changing dies faster and easier. The flat dies come with holes that allow custom dies to be changed quickly without losing valuable production time. Imagine  DIY forging tools and the financial savings that can create by a competent iron worker.


Heavy Industrial Foundry One Piece Cast Frames

Anyang ST Power hammer main frames are cast in iron by a specialized foundry using the newest technology.  Solid one piece casting using strict quality control ensure many problem free years of a hard working service life. The new design reduces vibration and weight 40% more than similar hammers.

Anyang ST Power Hammers have a one year warranty and the frames have a service-life warranty.

Anyang ST Power Hammer Frames
Anyang ST sow block comparison

Improved Sow Block

 Two piece sow block is a better design helping simplify die set up and alignment. The new design also helps distribute the force of the hammers blows equally over the seating area and reduces stress from distortion. 


New Improved System Oiler and Stainless Valve

Anyang ST New improved fabricating oiler is cleaner than the older style casting,. The new system also use a cleaner stainless needle valve and checking valve. This ensure better, dependable lubrication that is more reliable. 

Anyang ST oiler
Anyang ST Power Hammer custom painted


High Quality Paint Finishes

Each and every Anyang ST Power hammer uses high quality paint and a process that allows a good paint coverage on every hammer. Each hammer going to the customer does not only need to perform day in and day out reliably, it is also important that the finish on the outside performs at the same level. A good paint quality on the outside provides rust and corrosion protection that is just as important to a long service life as is the close machined tolerances that are operating on the inside.

When you see the Anyang ST Power hammer you will see the differences.

Anyang ST power hammer frames are welded strong

(Cast iron frames will be available soon for 15kg 25kg and 40kg )


Anyang ST Power Hammers with fabricated welded stand bring the bottom die to an optimum working height, This makes your forging work more comfortable and helps prevent fatigue. These welded stands can be filled with sand or concrete to help reduce shake and noise. 

Request our concrete pad drawings if you plan to build a dedicated  power hammer pad.

These hammers can be placed on a smooth concrete floor using marine quality plywood to act as a cushion for irregularities in the flooring. Not recommended for thin slabs.

Anyang ST 25 kg power hammerweled frame
Anyang ST technicians test power hammers

 Factory Testing and Dealer Delivery

Every Anyang ST Power Hammers that leaves the factory is tested by a Anyang ST technician. Then each power hammer is carefully sealed secure and crated for shipping. Once delivered to the Blacksmith source dealer we make sure all items are intact.  All frame bolts are properly tight. Then the oil system is properly working and the valves are properly adjusted. We clean and inspect the cylinders ensure there is good oiling so that when customer receives and sets up their new Anyang ST Power Hammer, They can run it worry free from defects.

Side Exhaust Port Features


Anyang ST Power Hammers side exhaust port allow installation of an air filter or to connect a pipe to exhaust outside of the shop, This will keep air quality good in the work area.

We also have a new standard in improved oiling for each of our powerful hammers.

Anyang ST oil system and exhaust port

Crankshaft align boring on Anyang ST power Hammer

Align Boring the One Piece Cast Iron Housing


Anyang ST Power Hammers are machined with modern industrial sized machining equipment. Here the crankshaft area is being machined. Here you can notice how thick the sow casting is. Also take note on the quality of the cylinder bores finish that have already been honed. 


Anyang ST Power Hammers
Model Unit STH-15 STH-25 STH-40 Sth-55 STH-75 STH-110
Ram Weight kg/lbs 15/33 25/55 40/88 55/121 75/165 110/242
Stroke Frequency /min 300 250 245 230 210 180
Dies Opened mm 160 240 245 270 295 355
Throat Depth mm 170 235 270 300 330 400
Square Capacity mm 30 x 30 40 x 40 50 x 50 60 x 60 65x 65 110 x 110
Round Capacity mm 35 45 65 75 85 120
Motor Power kw 2.2 3 4 7.5 7.5 15
Weight w/Base kg/lbs 540 / 1188 1100 / 2420 1350 / 2970 1700 / 3740 2600 / 5720 3300 / 7206