Anyang ST Power Hammer Safe Operation

Anyang ST Power Hammer         

Warning: Using a power hammer requires your full attention to the operation and the condition of the work area you are in. Serious injury and or death or dismemberment can result from improper use and neglecting standard safety measures.
The Following points must be strictly followed when operating the Power Hammer.
  • Do not allow other in the working area while operating except for those helping in the operation of forging.
  • The shop area must be well ventilated and properly lighted.
  • Clean the work area around your Power Hammer. Remove any trip hazards and debris. Ensure there is no slip hazards in the work area around the Power Hammer.
  • Use personal protective equipment (PPE) during operation, Safety glasses, face shield, ear plugs, work shoes with oil resistant soles and good treads and wear proper clothing.
  • Remove any jewelry that might get caught or snag in moving parts and prevent safe operating conditions. Rings, Necklaces bracelets and any loose clothing should placed in a secure area away from the work area.
  • Tie up long hair to prevent being caught in moving parts.
  • Use proper stance and posture will operating the Power Hammer. We recognize everyone is different and will have their own comfort stance. Generally a safe stance is with feet approximately shoulder width apart with one foot slightly ahead of the other.
  • Never operate when intoxicated, fatigued and tired or preoccupied and stressed. You need to be in your best mental state for safe operation.
  • Follow installation instructions.
  • Keep all guards properly secured and in place during operation.
  • Lock out the power supply when making repairs or adjustments to Power Hammer to prevents accidental start up. 
  • The hammer must be fitted with a proper full foot treadle guard. This is not supplied with the hammer as the design will vary greatly depending on method of mounting hammer.
  • DO NOT forge cold metal. Full heat helps prevent premature ware reducing the life of the Power Hammer. Using cold metal can Power Hammer failure or the dies or workpiece to explosively shatter sending shrapnel the can cause serious injury or death.
  • Always make sure tooling is secured properly. Loose tooling can be violently ejected as an offset blow can cause.
  • The tapered keys locating the upper and lower dies must be properly fitted and driven tight. These need checked at every use.
  • The sow block must be properly fitted and properly secured. This needs checked at every use.
  • Check for proper oil level and oil system operation.
  • Check for loose or fraying electrical wires, bolts, tooling and loose or cracking and splitting oil lines.
  • If you are operating over a single long period it is a good idea to pause and do a safety check of all parts from time to time.

These Power Hammers can be very dangerous. Proper respect for the safe operation will ensure many years of productive use.The operator is responsible for themselves and others in the area. Be sure you do a risk assessment each and every time you use the machine.

Safety References

For more information: OSHA