Anyang ST Power Hammers

Anyang ST Power Hammer 

 Anyang ST Power Hammers have one year warranty and whole service-life warranty on the hammer body. The wear parts can be delivered to you within one week.  Spare parts are in stock. 

Here are some of the differences between Anyang ST Power Hammers and AFP.

  • The piston pin bushing, The Anyang ST Hammers use a new material that wears much better and doesn’t need maintenance like the competition. Anyang ST is the only hammer company to use this material.
  • Anyang ST hammer casting body is 8 - 10% heavier and more solid. 
  • There is now a cast base as an option, which is 2.5 times heavy as the welded base, it offers less vibration, a reduction in noise levels and is more efficient with each hammer blow. 
  • Anyang AFP and Anyang ST Dies are compatible.
  •    Better paint preparation and paint quality. 

 Anyang ST is a company specializing in the blacksmith tooling equipment sector, now mainly on power hammer and forging presses.  Anyang ST developed a new generation press and new structure hammer that is on the way now; they will keep investing on making better hammers and presses. Anyang ST is enlarging their production.

As The Blacksmith Source starts bringing in the Anyang ST products we will offer additional options to the buyers. The first option will be different electric motors. We also have forging dies and other tooling from Anyang ST. We will also be stocking hammers ready for installation and spare parts.

Thank you for viewing. This page will be changing as we start to build out the information on Anyang ST Power Hammers.